Blog: Miscellaneous 6th -9th Class 30/10/20

Firstly I am sure you are looking at the word: miscellaneous and you are wondering, what it means. Well I will make it easy for you. It could be smíšený or maybe rozmanitý or even, různý exactly which one is the best definition I am not sure, because between you and me my Czech is not that good. Basically miscellaneous is like a mixture of things that do not belong in another category. You can see on this website we have sections of English language, geography, biology etc but maybe sometimes I want to post something about culture, food, travel, music, films, TV etc. These things I will put into miscellaneous blog entries. Do you understand what I mean? I hope so. Which definition suits this the best then, could it be smíšený, rozmanitý, různý or maybe all of them?

All I want to do is help you get better and improve your English and I want to do it in the most enjoyable and interesting ways I can think of. I know not everyone is interested in history or geography, some people prefer music or films, food or books. So these miscellaneous are going to be a mishmash of different themes that I really hope you will find interesting. As always if you have any ideas or would like to contribute to this blog, just contact me and I would be extremely happy to work with you. Although we haven’t looked at something amazingly interesting in this post, but at least you have learned a new word, the next challenge of course will be for you to pronounce miscellaneous correctly, which I am sure you will be able to do!! So look out for these miscellaneous blog posts I am sure you will find them interesting.

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