Blog: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving parade

We have a new challenge for you. This time it is about the North American holiday of Thanksgiving. Please watch the presentation below and answer the questions in your own video or audio recording sending them back to me by the deadline. These deadlines are underneath the video. In order to have the chance of getting a good mark you MUST send your video before the deadline, if you do not there is a chance you may receive a 5 and of course no one wants that. Good luck!!!

* please be advised I have a small typing mistake in the video I wrote the word pilgrams but it should be pilgrims. (You see we all make mistakes so just do your best and do not worry about it!!).


DEADLINE: 8th & 9th class 09/11 – 11/11/2020 14:00

DEADLINE 6th & 7th class 11/11 – 13/11/2020 14:00

If you would like to learn more about Thanksgiving you can watch this nice little video and download the worksheets below:

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