Blog: Biology 8th Class 11/11/20

My Favourite Marsupial

soooooooo cute

Yes!! You guessed it guys and gals my favourite marsupial is the wombat. We talked about them briefly in one of our last lessons before school closed. Do you remember anything about these wonderful animals? Well do not worry if you don’t because this blog post will give you some interesting facts about wombats.Not only are these animals super cute but they are also very interesting, so are you? Let’s learn some cool things about wombats!!

lovely wombat

1. Wombats are the second largest marsupials in Australia.

2. Wombats have a backward-facing pouch (this is the pocket they keep their babies in).

3. Wombats can run up to 40 km per hour!!

wombat racing past at 40km/h

4. Wombats teeth keep growing continually.

5. The oldest wombat in the World has just celebrated his 29th birthday.

6. Wombats have a slow metabolism (this means it takes a long time for wombats to digest their food, sometimes up to 2 weeks!!).

7. All wombat species live in Tasmania and Australia.

8. Wombats are herbivores. (Do you remember what this means? If you said this means they eat mostly plants then you are right).

9. Wombats can reach up to 114 cm in length and up to 36 kgs in weight.

10. Wombats spend the entire day in their burrows (a wombat house).

wombat sleeping in it’s burrow

11. The average lifespan of wombats in the wild is five years.

12. A group of wombats is called a “wisdom”.

13. Wombats have distinct bones in their backsides which permit them to squash and form their poop into cubes. They can also use their bottoms to crush to death potential predators.

14. There are three species of Wombats: Common, Northern Hairy-Nosed, and Southern Hairy-Nosed.

15. October 22nd is celebrated as Wombat Day.

wombat and cubed poop

These are just some facts about wonderful wombats many of them are taken from If you want to learn more about wombats you can visit their website and also you can watch the video below:

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