Country Profiles: Africa 1: Morocco

Blog: Geography 7th class Africa

We have decided to make a regular feature to supplement your Geography lessons. In this feature we will have a series of country profiles in this case as you are studying Africa we will make profiles of different African countries. At the end of the profile there will be a printable worksheet for you to download and test your knowledge. We hope you enjoy it!!


Official name: The Kingdom of Morocco

Morocco is located in the northwest corner of Africa and is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.


Form of government: Constitutional monarchy

Capital: Rabat

Other important cities: Casablanca, Fez, Tangier, Marrakesh

Population: 34,314,130


Morocco Flag Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Head of state: King Mohammed VI

Official languages: Arabic, Berber dialects, French

Money: Moroccan Dirham


Morocco spans from the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean on the north and the west. It has large mountainous areas in the interior and the Sahara desert in the far south. 

The terrain of Morocco is largely mountainous. The Atlas Mountains stretch from the central north to the south west. It expands to about 1,350 kilometres. To the north of the Atlas Mountains, there are the Rif Mountains, a chain that makes part of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Andalusia, Spain. The massive range expands to about 250 kilometres.

Area: 447 square kilometres

Border countries: Algeria, Free Zone (de facto border along the Moroccan Western Sahara Wall), Spain (Ceuta).

Major mountain ranges: Atlas, Rif

Major rivers: Draae Mediterranean Sea.

Elevation extremes:
Lowest point: Sebkha Tah −55 m
Highest point: Toubkal mountain 4,165 m

Wildlife: Morocco is very rich in wildlife here are a few examples:

Barbary macaque
Fennec fox
Egyptian mongoose


Ethnically, Moroccans are predominately of Berber (North African indigenous) and Arabic decent.

The Berber people have been living in North Africa for centuries, historically living in the mountainous areas but in more recent times moving to the cities for work

Moroccan cities commonly have mosques with beautiful towers called minarets, market areas called bazaars, old medieval sections called medinas and old fortresses called kasbahs.

Green tea with mint and sweetened with sugar is a popular beverage in Morocco. The most famous of Moroccan dishes is couscous, other popular dishes include pastilla, tajine, and harira. Chicken is the most widely eaten meat.

mint tea

Some famous Moroccans include the French actor Jean Reno (born in Morocco) and pro-gamer Pokimane (both pictured below).

Jean Reno

The most popular sport in Morocco is football, the Moroccan national team became the first African and Arab country to make to the 2nd round of a World Cup when they did so in 1986.

The university called al-Qarawiyin was founded in the city of Fes in 859 as a madrasa (an Arabic educational institution) and is considered by some to be the oldest university in the world.

Moroccan Football Team 2018

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