Hunt, Arlie / APHuG

Hello everyone I hope you are well and healthy. Today I thought I would post some video resources to help you with a better understanding of geography. Of course there are many resources on the internet for learning geography so it was hard to keep the list small but the following I think are best ones for you to use at the moment, if you know any other good resources or YouTube channels for learning geography or any subject then please send me a message and let me know. These posts will always be better if you guys give me feedback and send me your ideas about how we can do things better for you.

I will add some other resources in the future with things like websites and worksheets too.

Video Resources:

Geography Now

Fun With Flags

Atlas Pro

Darren Gedge

Travel Videos:

Expedia Travel Guides

BBC Travel

Travel Man

Geography NOW

Mr. Tucker | Cosby AP Human Geography

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