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Adverbs of Frequency 08/03/21

What are adverbs of frequency? Adverbs of frequency are words that tell us how often or how regularly we do something.

Common adverbs of frequency are:

Simpsons Adverbs of frequency

In the picture we can see the words, never, sometimes, often and always.

We use never when we do something 0% of the time (you didn’t do it). I never eat steak for breakfast.

We use sometimes when we do something 50% of the time. I sometimes go to Hradec Kralove.

We use often when we do something fairly regularly 60% of the time. I often shop in Albert.

We use always when we do something 100% of the time (everyday). I always brush my teeth after breakfast.

There are a few other adverbs of frequency, below you can see a longer list:

To help you understand and practice please try this exercise:


I would like you to make a video with only 4 sentences using never, sometimes, often and always.

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Nations and Nationality

Before school ended you have started looking at nations and nationality (countries and their people). Have a look at the blog entry here for more information to help you understand. Below is a presentation to help you and also some worksheets you can download for practice:

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