WE’RE GOING ON HOLIDAY!!!!!!! 19/04/21

Hello everybody I hope you are all well and healthy.

Today we are going on holiday…hooray!

I am sure you are all very excited. So for this challenge you will have to make a video about a holiday you will take in the summer. Please choose a place, country or city and talk about in 8 sentences what you would like to do there. For example if you choose Prague in your video you will say things like:

I would like to visit the Old Town Square.

I might go to a restaurant and eat traditional Czech food.

I would like to visit Charles Bridge …………..

So remember 8 SENTENCES about things you would like to do on your holiday this summer, please choose some interesting places and if you need to use the internet to help you find out what there is to do there then that is great. Also remember to send the videos to me on messenger, email or skolaonline (messenger is the best one if you can) Thanks a lot and good luck!

DEADLINE 23/04/21 10:00 AM