Czechoslovakian Border Conflicts 1918-1920

(History Class 9) Even just a matter of days after the formation of the First Czechoslovak Republic there were fresh disputes with the new neighbours in particular Poland and Hungary. Below is a presentation discussing this.


We have had five presentations on the Second World War and even in those presentation we were not able to cover everything and so I have decided to make a series of mini presentations to help with your self study and to look in more detail some of the key events of the war that […]

The Second World War Part 5

ENDGAME We have come to the end of our main series on the Second World War. Below is the last presentation which I invite you download, well in fact you will need to download it to answer the worksheet questions. In this presentation we will go through 1944 the battles for Italy through to D-Day […]


ENGLISH WORK FOR 6TH-7TH CLASSES: Hello everybody I hope you are well. Please see the video below: You will make 5 sentences, 2 with like, 1 with love and 2 with hate, with these you MUST use a verb that ends with -ing. For example: I like reading books, I love eating chocolate & I […]

Watching World War Two

I thought I would add some links for you for things to watch related to the Second World War, some of them are in Czech or at least have Czech subtitles. I will make this list bigger over time but here are some recommendations for you to watch at the moment. Enjoy and I hope […]

The Second World War Part 4

The World at War America has now entered the war and has decided that first it will deal with Germany before turning its full might onto the Japanese. In this part we will see some of the early and disastrous encounters between European soldiers and the Japanese, the Fall of Singapore, The Bataan Death March […]

The Second World War Part 3

Never Surrender Welcome to the third part in our series on the Second World War. Below as usual is the presentation and below that is of course a worksheet for you to complete. In this part we carry on from the Fall of France into the Battle of Britain and the German attack on Russia […]

The Second World War Part 2

The Fall of Europe: Below is the presentation we looked at this morning. I have not recorded it yet but you can download the presentation and read it to find the answers for the worksheet. This presentation is the second part of the series on the Second World War and it covers, the invasions of […]


Hello everyone I hope you are well and healthy. Today I thought I would post some video resources to help you with a better understanding of geography. Of course there are many resources on the internet for learning geography so it was hard to keep the list small but the following I think are best […]


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