Present Perfect Simple 8th-9th Classes

13/01/21 Hi everyone so your new challenge is to watch the video below on the present perfect simple tense. You will make a minimum of SIX sentences using this tense and send it in a video to me on messenger or skola online. To use this tense is pretty easy, just use “have/has” + past tense of the verb so my example sentences are: I … Continue reading Present Perfect Simple 8th-9th Classes

Practice The Past Tense (Simple) 6th to 9th Class

Happy New Year everyone!! Let’s hope that 2021 will be better than 2020. I also hope you were all able to enjoy your Christmas holidays. Now we are back to school and even though you are working remotely we still have some nice challenges and work for you to do. For this exercise you will practice using the ‘past simple’ tense by talking about your … Continue reading Practice The Past Tense (Simple) 6th to 9th Class


CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE 2020 6TH CLASS AND 8TH CLASS 11/12/20 Hello everyone, we have a new challenge for you. Please watch the presentation below. There is no online AJK lesson today but instead you must make a video of your answers to the presentation questions and you MUST send it before the end of your AJK lesson. 6th class DEADLINE 11/12/20 10:40 am 8th class DEADLINE … Continue reading ***CHALLENGE***

XMAS 2020

CHRISTMAS FACTS & CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD It will be Christmas very soon, so like every year we are going to have some lessons based around this theme. I love Christmas very much and probably it is my favourite holiday. I am sure it is the same for many of you too. Now every year we talk about Christmas, you tell me about Christmas in … Continue reading XMAS 2020

Homework 24/11/20 6th-9th Class

Book, Film or Series Review This week you will make a video reviewing a book you have read, a film you have watched or series you have seen online or on TV. You will talk about the book, film or series in your own words using a minimum of 6 sentences. This must be finished and sent to me before 10:00 in the morning on … Continue reading Homework 24/11/20 6th-9th Class

Blog: Story Time 6th to 9th Class 10/11/20

We all like a good story, not everyone likes reading especially reading in a foreign language but I have found quite a nice website that has some short stories with parallel texts. This means the story is shown both in Czech and English so this can help you with improving your English and learning new vocabulary. Also there is some good news for those who … Continue reading Blog: Story Time 6th to 9th Class 10/11/20

Blog: Thanksgiving

We have a new challenge for you. This time it is about the North American holiday of Thanksgiving. Please watch the presentation below and answer the questions in your own video or audio recording sending them back to me by the deadline. These deadlines are underneath the video. In order to have the chance of getting a good mark you MUST send your video before … Continue reading Blog: Thanksgiving

Blog: Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night 05/11/20

Remember, remember the fifth of November,Gunpowder treason and plot.We see no reasonWhy gunpowder treasonShould ever be forgot! Guy Fawkes, guy, t’was his intentTo blow up king and parliament.Three score barrels were laid belowTo prove old England’s overthrow. By god’s mercy he was catch’dWith a darkened lantern and burning match.So, holler boys, holler boys, Let the bells ring.Holler boys, holler boys, God save the king. And … Continue reading Blog: Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night 05/11/20

Blog AJ/ENGLISH 6th-8th Class 03/11/20

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well, safe and healthy. So we have a new challenge for you to o this week. It is quite easy all you have to do is watch the video below. You must talk about your autumn holiday, tell us what you did. You must use a minimum of 5 sentences and of course the past tense e.g. I … Continue reading Blog AJ/ENGLISH 6th-8th Class 03/11/20

Blog: AJ/English 6th-9th Class 29/10/20

ORDINAL NUMBERS Recently you completed homework about Halloween and most of them were excellent, but we noticed many of you have problems using the date properly. When we use the date we us what is known as ordinal numbers. You use them in Czech and just like you, we use them in English and in many ways they are easier. You can all count in … Continue reading Blog: AJ/English 6th-9th Class 29/10/20