Class 6 AJK 2021/2022

Aderbs Of Manner 02/02/22

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What is an adverb?

Well you know that an adjective is a word that describes a noun eg. The car is blue. The car (noun) is blue (adjective).

An adverb is like an adjective but instead of describing a noun (person, place or thing) it describes a verb (an action) An adverb tells us HOW something was done.

For example:

He eats slowly. Eats is the verb (action) and slowly is the adverb which describes how he eats.

They slept badly. Slept (sleep) is the verb (action) and badly is the adverb which describes the action.

She runs fast. Runs of course is the verb (action) and fast is the adverb which describes how she runs.

How to create an adverb of manner

To make adverbs of manner, we usually add -ly to the adjective. For example,

  • quick – quickly
  • careful – carefully
  • gentle – gently

When an adjective ends in -y we change the -y to -i then add -ly. For example,

  • happy – happily
  • greedy – greedily
  • easy – easily

***However, there are also some irregular adverbs:***

  • good – well
  • hard – hard
  • fast – fast
  • late – late
  • straight – straight
  • high – high

Now it is your turn to try:

Please look at the worksheet and write your answers on a paper or in messenger. If you do not understand any of the words then use the internet to find out.

After you have done the worksheet you will send me your answers through messenger (it is better) but if you can’t then through skola online. You will get marks for this 1-5 so please do it. Send it to me before the end of your lesson. SK2 before 09:35 02/02/22 & SK1 before 10:40 02/02/22.

Good luck!!