Class 8 AJK 2021-2022

Natural Disaster 25/01/2022

Hello boys and girls I hope you are all doing well. So we have another home lesson for you. Of course it is not easy to do English conversation online with even half a class, so instead I have the following work for you.

You will download the worksheet about natural disasters and you will then choose FIVE (5) of the questions/topics on the paper, then you will make a video or voice recording of yourself answering them. Please DO NOT give only one word answers. Make proper sentences and give as much information as possible. You will get a mark for this work and it will be added to your English marks for next term so please do it.

You MUST send this work back (messenger is best please but if not then skola online) to me before the end of your lesson today 25/01/22. So SK.1 before 11:30am and SK.2 before 12:35pm.

Good luck and if you do not understand what to do ask either myself or your classmates.